NEW: Upcoming Helical Pile Webinars!

A.B. CHANCE, Hubbell Power Systems, helical pile, helical pier, helical anchor, helix, steel

DANBRO is thrilled to announce several new upcoming webinars debuting this month! This will be a convenient way for you to learn more about helical piles and helical piles for Sandy recovery, all from the comfort of your desk or home!

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2015 ICC-ES Legacy Report for Atlas Piers

Atlas Resistance® Pier, Atlas, CHANCE, helical piers, helical piles, piling system

Another Hubbell Power Systems/CHANCE® product has been positively evaluated by the ICC-ES: Atlas Resistance® Piers!

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The Significance of ICC-ES Reports

By Gary Seider

ICC-ES, Evaluation Report, International Code Council, CHANCE, Hubbell Power Systems, helical piers, helical piles, helical anchors

I am often asked by engineers and contractors:

What is an ICC-ES report and what is its purpose?

These are good questions to ask considering ICC-ES reports are not that common in the deep foundation business. Let’s start by explaining what an ICC-ES report is and then we’ll explore its purpose and why it’s needed for helical piles.

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The Sandy Solution Takes DFI Specialty Seminar By Storm

DFI, Deep Foundation Institute, Helical Piles and Tiebacks, Seminar, Helical PIles for Disaster Recovery, Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Sandy

As we previously reported, the Deep Foundations Institute‘s (DFI) Helical Piles and Tiebacks Committee will be hosting the Helical Pile Usage for Disaster Relief Specialty Seminar on September 9 and 10 in Newark, NJ.  And DANBRO will be there!

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CHANCE Helical Piles: A Good Foundation for the Fourth of July

In honor of the Fourth of July and our good friend, Paul Mauer, DANBRO would like to remind you to tune in for “A Capitol Fourth” on Saturday, July 4th at 8pm on PBS!

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A Cautionary Tale: When the Furnace Flue Becomes Blocked

By Walter Smith

Walter Smith, underpinning, Hubbell Power Systems, Chance, Danbro, helical piers, helical piles

Walter on a helical pile underpinning job back in the day.

Jeannette and I were contentedly moving through life in early January. We had just enjoyed a very nice Christmas. We put the tree up and decorated it with 800 lights and 500 ornaments the week before Christmas and leave it up until about mid-January. On January 10, we went to Connecticut and Jeannette saw her first great-grand child for the first time. It was a wonderful day!

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Prepare for the 2015 Hurricane Season with The Sandy Solution

Hurricane season 2015 is upon us!  If you have yet to prepare your home, business, or infrastructure for flooding, high winds, heavy rainfall, storm surge, and more, now is the time to learn more about The Sandy Solution.

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The Sandy Solution at the AIA Queens Chapter General Meeting

AIA Queens Chapter, General Meeting, American Institute of Architects, architect, helical piles, helical piers, DANBRO, helical anchors, design, construction, building

AIA Queens Chapter June Meeting

DANBRO‘s Pat Haffert presented to the Queens Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) on June 9, 2015.

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SEAoP Annual Statewide Structural Engineers Conference

Harrisburg, engineering, engineers, Structural Engineers Association of Pennsylvania, PA, helical piers, helical piles,  A.B. CHANCE, SEAoP, Annual Statewide Structural Engineers Conference, DANBRO Distributors The Structural Engineers Association of Pennsylvania (SEAoP) hosted the Annual Statewide Structural Engineers Conference in Harrisburg, PA today and DANBRO was there! Continue reading

Chesapeake Bay Dock Stair Tower

By Keystone Foundation Repair

Keystone Foundation Repair, Chesapeake Bay, dock, stair tower, staircase, shallow posts, sand, helical piles, helical piers, DANBRO Distributors, CHANCE helical piles, A.B. CHANCE, helical anchors, waterThe Chesapeake Bay Dock Stair Tower is a 50ft tall staircase that leads down to a dock on the Chesapeake.

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